Welcome to the Intentional Traveler Web Site

Why do you travel? Did you inherit the wanderlust of a gypsy? We did! We have been traveling around the US for five years, driving a motorhome from place to place, staying and exploring for a while, then moving on. Our family and friends scratch their heads but they know we just can’t sit still! We are the Intentional Travelers!

The Joy of the Journey

When we visit a Pony Express station, we get to imagine being a young teen riding a horse at full-tilt across the prairie. Such adventure and courage! When we spend the evening below the Painted Rocks in Arizona, we can rest well, knowing the world is so much larger and richer than our daily grind or the local politics.

Our travel changes us because we choose to slow down and really notice where we are. Who built this? What was their world like? Would I have done the same? or something different?

What is the Intentional Traveler Blog?

This site is a collection of travel notes. What we saw and what we learned.

We are also exploring the backstory for the places we have been. We research the stories that tie our history together. The Pony Express, The Railroad, The Anasazi, these are all great themes that deepen our understanding of the history we see. So our backstory articles aim to give you understanding to tie it all together. We also include travel ideas, lists of paces related to the theme, and anything else we think will help you keep on traveling.

Join us. We are the intentional travelers!