Exploring Aztec Ruins – Not Aztec, Anasazi!

While staying in Farmington, New Mexico, Bill and I decided to explore several of the Anasazi Ruins in the area.  Our discovery of the Aztec Ruins, just 15 miles down the road was a sweet surprise!   Interesting Anasazi sites in the 4 Corners The Spanish Named it Aztec The ruins are located in the town of Aztec, New Mexico.  The name comes from the early Spanish explorers who came through this area in 1540-1542.  They were under the impression that all ruins in the area were built by the same builders as those in Old Mexico and so named[…]

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Destinations - Salmon Ruins

The Trail from Chaco – Visiting Salmon Ruins, NM

Ancient Residents of Chaco Canyon move to Salmon Ruins in Bloomfield New Mexico While staying in the Farmington, New Mexico area, we had several opportunities to explore the amazing culture that flowed from Chaco Canyon near the turn of the millenium, around 850-1200 AD.  We continue our series on the Anasazi culture here in Bloomfield at the Salmon Ruins.  See Visiting Chaco Canyon – Where did the Anasazi go? to start our tour at the beginning. Salmon Ruins marks the transition between Chaco and what happened afterwards.  The Ruins are what is left of a Great House directly North of Chaco Canyon,[…]

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Visiting Chaco Canyon – Where did all the Anasazi go?

Chaco Canyon – Home to the Anasazi I have always loved visiting ancient civilizations. I climbed the ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru as a high school student. We spent our honeymoon climbing Maya and Toltec ruins in Mexico.  Chaco Canyon is North America’s version of these wonderful, mysterious sites. This amazing National Historical Park, just south of Farmington in New Mexico, is a ‘must visit’ location for those of us who crave the mystery of ancient wealth and glory, now covered in sand and myth. So where did the powerful, creative, sophisticated residents of this 11th century ruin all[…]

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